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Loyalty program

Your every purchase counts

We think of every hockey player. It is enough to buy overpriced low-quality tapes that have a small winding. With us, you will save every purchase 3-5% thanks to registration. And that's not to say that if we have a discount, you can buy tapes even cheaper. 

Why should I register with you?

It's simple. As we are distributors for the Czech Republic and surrounding European and non-European countries / states. You have the tapes first hand. In addition to the best quality hockey belts, we offer many other accessories. Some of the very popular ones include: clear shin tape, hockey wax, skate protectors, and much more. 

What will I see in the e-shop administration thanks to registration?

Thanks to registration, you will get a lot of accessibility and you will be able to see everything in one place.

  • Retry the purchase
  • Check order status
  • View older orders
  • Change account information
  • Change your password
  • Save alternate delivery addresses
  • If you fill in the "date of birth" field, you will receive an event exclusively for you
  • You will see invoices, credit notes
  • You will see your current loyalty discount
  • Your product reviews
  • Your discussion about the product


How do I get loyalty discounts?

If you register on our you are already automatically added to the loyalty program. You already have 3% down on the first purchase.

How are loyalty discounts calculated?

Loyalty discounts are calculated from the order for the last 12 months. They are calculated only from delivered and paid shipments.

From what amount are the loyalty discounts?

During registration 3%
From 120 EUR 4%
From 200 EUR 5%


If you have any questions about your account, please contact us by email